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3:29am. Catching up on my work, if not on my sleep…

September 6, 2012

Indigestion again! Cup of herbal tea, and then, when I accepted I wasn’t getting to sleep, I came downstairs and caught up on what needed to be caught up on. Firstly the tail-end of one of the library walks I’ve been doing with Jon Glasper – almost done with the one before the one before…Slow going at times, but one that I know will be well rewarding once its finally done. We’ve seen all the libraries in the Middlesbrough area, though to round off the journey we have to have a symbolic ending to the Journey by visiting Central & the Reference bit upstairs. The other libraries I rarely visit, but that one all the time. I’m also up to date on my poetry, which has had a slight increase in volume over the past few weeks. The return of the Autumnal weather – and the return of the drink cravings – have proved a boon to my inspiration. I even made a drawing of me and ML Monday night – symbolic, of course. Symbolic being artistic shorthand for not being able to draw! The mag moves slowly on, as do the questions I’m working on to ask Sam Hamill. But the Big Thing that’s been happening this week is the tidying! Reshuffle! Decluttering! This room still looks like a bomb has been dropped on it, but its so much nicer where I’ve done…getting tired now. Good night


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