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September 15, 2012

…oh the joys of having young, loudmouthed neighbours…I’ve also got indigestion again, brought on – I think – from drinking too much caffeine…all those Americano’s at Coffee Beans! So I’ve come down to try and post a blog – it looks normal, unlike the last 2 times I tried, when the new post bit was in the middle of the page…I’ve got all the poems in the mag now & the only thing stopping me from doing the test print is my questions for Sam Hamill, the American poet, that I’ve been struggling with…at first I was trying way too hard to make it a serious, in-depth interview, and I got myself so wound up by it that nothing was working – I’d made notes, but every time I tried to frame them as a question they just looked shit… then I realised I was trying to0 hard to make them sound good – deleting repeated words etc – when I should have just been asking him the question…then I was trying to do too much, trying to put the whole of his latest book to scrutiny, when I could save most of what I wanted to say for the review that will proceed the interview. So now I think I’ve got the right balance – I wrote two questions yesterday, and once I’d ordered my mess of notes on word, it began to look more coherent.

I’ve been cracking on with the tidying/decluttering and this room is so much nicer. I had a bit of a blinding insight Monday morning, looking at the pile of printed out poems that were sitting on the poufee…that if I put them all in the plastic a4 wallets I had in my hand, then I could edit then whenever I felt like it, AND clear the pile…obvious, I know, but some times I’m not the most practical of people…this led me on, as these things often do, to the big pile of paper that had poems from 1988-1997 on them (and a series of notebooks where I’d transferred them, even neater! and going as far as 2001) – if I typed them up, then I could get rid of a another pile of paper…so I’ve been typing up really old poems…two from 1983 yesterday morning – which was pretty gruesome – and a few from 1987, which wasn’t too bad…so I feel like I’m making progress and October will be a very busy month, what with National Poetry Day on the 4th & the Finnish poets over to read at Bob & Andy’s night,  and the BLERoom event/mag launch later on…I just hope I’m sleeping better


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