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Living next door to the chimp’s nocturnal tea party…

October 1, 2012

…neighbours have woke me again, so I’ve come downstairs to blog, something I’ve been meaning to do all week…the mag is finished! Well, it is and it isn’t…I put it together, hoping to keep it within 28 pages, but… there’s no way I can! So, rather than edit down, I’m expanding out…and while I’m at it I’m rewriting the introductory piece I wrote on Sam Hamill, making it better…I can now write a little intro, though I will also have to edit down the biogs, because there are so many poets/artists in this one I’ve got three full pages of biogs! I was seriously thinking of leaving them out altogether and sharing them on the BLERoom page, but one of the poets suggested chopping them down to a line each, which I think is a much better idea. It’s going to look even more mint when its finally done…and I’ve got an invite from the DSS tomorrow…not sure what they want to talk with me about, but these interviews are always worrying, even when – like me – you haven’t done owt! Also got a very busy couple of months personally, and on the local scene as a whole… but that’ll have to wait for a more reasonable hour as I’m going back upstairs to finish ‘Romantic Moderns’ and hope the chimps have quietened down next door…



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