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April 8, 2013

Well…its 1:11am. I’ve got indigestion & noisy neighbours…so I’ve decided to get up and blog. Herbal tea on the desk next to me…

Got issue 6 of the mag out, and I must say I felt a deep sense of anticlimax. Its not that its rubbish – its very good – but I think with all the hoo-ha of going self employed looming the following week, it just sorta came out and…well…I say it just sorta came out, but we had an excellent launch night for it – one of the best I’ve been to as host or performer and I went home with such a warm, fuzzy feeling! Annoyingly there were a few tiny mistakes in the text – fortunately I spotted most of them and even more fortunately Bob pointed out the misspelling of one of the poet’s names before they got their copy – phew! I’m not sure what’s going to happen as far as money now I’m self employed – I had a mini breakdown trying to fill in one of the forms and that set off all my anxiety about coping without being on the sick – which I was due to be kicked off again – so I put the form down and left it a few days and then had a wonderfully relaxing weekend with Mary Lou and went back to it. Still didn’t make sense, but I got them both off in the end…now I just have to wait to see if they’ll approve me going self employed – a possibility I’ve been told – and that if they ok it then the tax credits I’ll get will be enough to survive on – no one could tell me how much I would get, so I have to wait for that…I’m strangely calm about it, I think because its such a big thing and I know I can’t do anything about it till I hear from them. Plus I’m busy!

I have to do 30 hours a week – I could get away with 16 if I had a letter from my Dr, but I’ve only seen him twice since I joined the surgery, so I didn’t bother…at first I thought it’d be a stretch – HOW can I do 30 hours? But then I started to plot my day out properly = an hour email when I get up – then at least two hours writing/editing a day – two hours reading up on the walks, as well business related things like running a business – I’ve got a walk planned for the end of this month, taking in part of the town centre, so I’m now reading up on that – walking the route I’m thinking of taking, eyes peeled for interesting things – trying to look at the very familiar with new eyes – then there’s deciding which bits of information to incorporate into my talk – and since I’m focused totally on that I’m doing 30 hours easily!

Then there’s the arts council bid I’m about to start on – that’s gonna be a head fuck trying to word that – fortunately Andy’s offered to give me a hand rewording my bid into art speak, which will be a great help…I just hope I can manage to finish up some actual writing!


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