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April 9, 2013

…one of my favourite things…but since I’ve started getting more business orientated the amount of reading for pleasure I’ve done has almost ceased. Well, I still love reading, but the amount I’m reading just for the hell of it has more or less ceased. Recently I bought ‘Road To Quoz’ by William Least Heat -Moon, one of my favourite authors (review here )and it was great, but yesterday I picked up ‘On Roads’ by Joe Moran whilst waiting around to be an extra in the Ref while they filmed Who Do You Think You Are with Minnie Driver, and I realised I had to put Quoz away for the time being, because it was diverting some of my critical thinking away from the local, even if it was giving me some brilliant lines for travelling over the same places, which is what I do, what interests me: ‘As travellers age, we carry along ever more journeys, especially when we cross through a remembered terrain where we become wayfarers in time as well as space, where physical landscapes get infused with temporal ones.’ But this new books deals with Britain’s roads, and the empire of the ordinary, things not seen because they are seen so often. And this has given me greater focus with the rewriting of my Library Walk manuscript, as well as the POINT of my walks, which I’m now boring ML senseless with, because I’m constantly pointing out thing of, and I quote, ‘interest’. Poor woman! This is going to be the hardest thing for me, this awakening of critical thinking, as I’m so used to writing as a reaction to things and not considering their import/impact to the wider area of life around me.

Speaking of focus…I have been keeping a Work Diary, detailing the hours spent researching and working on things, which is interesting because it puts into perspective how much I am doing now I’ve put my mind to it. Not that it can be totally accurate, because so much of my thinking goes on while I’m walking or doing other things. My mind is rarely off topic! The second week of being self employed and I’d normally be drawing out my dole this morning, putting money on bills and buying food. But what little there was in the bank yesterday there is still today and I don’t know when I’ll hear back about my tax credits etc, so there’s food for my anxieties at any rate, even if I won’t be going out and buying lt for myself…though I am going to Coulby Newham and Hemlington today, retracing my steps from last year’s Walk so that I can refresh my memory about things and no doubt correct a few things as my memory is…what were we talking about? Its breakfast time now, so…


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  1. Watching how your self-employment adventure works out interest (and all of my bits crossed for you).

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