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Settling in…

October 1, 2013

…we’ve been in the new house just over  a week now, and there’s still a lot of boxes out – I’ve been told by friends they still have stuff in boxes from when they moved 12 years ago. The house is amazing – so much space, yet at the same time not so much because its a SHARED space. I’ve got the beginnings of a working environment – and sound! Its great going to bed with ML and being there when she wakes for work the next day. She likes really strong coffee of a morning, and we share this by the glow of the lamp, talking. I’ve started work on the garden too – some herbs in, though not all. I’d forgotten how much time it can take. Such a buzz to be able to go out and stand on grass – even after almost piercing my foot several times on the stumps of dead Dock plants…Geese are flying over all the time at the moment, and the sight/sound of them has always given me a thrill – I go outside and look for them, smiling…I’ve come to update this because I’ve been looking at jobs online and getting fucked off – it all seems so hard, but I know its not. I’ve just got a tendency to give up if things appear a little difficult – a lifelong condition I’m struggling with especially at the moment. So much organising, moving things and I’ve not done anything creative for so long it seems. But the house needs sorting before I can get down to that. ML’s at work every day – bringing in the bacon – so I have to do my bit to help her settle in. We even had Stan working at the weekend – taking the tape off the boxes and then ripping the boxes up for recycling. He wasn’t too happy about it at first – until we informed him he wouldn’t be playing on his game until he’d done them…that’s it. No angst, poetry, noisy neighbours…


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