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March 14, 2014

…and I still can’t think of an imaginative title…I’ve been writing a poem about my time in Luxor since Sunday. The warm weather with a just a hint of cold reminds me of the winter mornings there…It feels odd to be writing so much about it, just little interludes – nothing in chronological order…its nice though. I’m not sure when it’ll finish, but I know it’ll finish on a positive note…

On the 29th we’ve got the rescheduled The Black Light Engine Room event, which will be interesting. Its also the day when I’ll be leading my first writing workshop, a 3 hour jobby focusing on Place. I’m nervous about it, but not worried. It’ll be a good thing to do. I’ve got 7 or 8 people involved, which’ll mean I can make some £ on top of the event on the night. Which is nice…


April I’m reading in Newcastle with a few other poets from up there – Steve Urwin, Jenni Pascoe, AJ McKenna and James Oates. I’m quite excited about this! Seems a while since I’ve been excited about performing. Then we have BLERoom at the end of the month and the 9th issue of the mag, which is looking great, even though I’m nowhere near finished with it…again there’s an interview with the 2 poets who are to be featured in the Dark Matter booklet. That’ll be out at the end of May. I’m also reading at the beginning of May! That’s at Jess & Robbie’s new venue at North Shields – I think. May I’m also giving my first ever talk. Its going to be part of Local History Month in Middlesbrough. Then in June there’ll be a BLERoom at the beginning of the Lit Fest, but this time in Stockton. And one towards the end of it in Middlesbrough. Which is nice…


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  1. eileen sreekanthan permalink

    have been reading some of the blogs, that is what they are called i snt it not comp literate. interesting and familiar in a way (sleep not slugs and noisy neighbours). do not know your name so have not read your work. we may meet 25 july if i make it to meeting. are you morbid, not by nature but by nom de plume, if so we have met on e mail (eileen) sorry if i was rather abrupt in an early e mail. hope to meet nader at meeting if he is not away. all the best eileen

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