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March 30, 2014

…the workshop went well, despite initial misgivings on my behalf – the puzzled looks on some of the workshopees – but we settled down to writing, some of which came out in an almost complete form – and some which didn’t. Harry, Mandy & Jane all performed work they’d done in the workshop at The Black Light Engine Room later that night, which was fun! I’m gonna try another one next month, if I can persuade enough people to turn up and part with their money.. We had a good laugh, which was important. Ideas were thrown around, and – hopefully – the start of some new work. I must say I was a trifle stuck on some of the work I’d set us all!

The live event on the night was at Toft House, way out from the town centre – well, a mere 15 minutes walking really – and the turnout was a little low, but the vibe was fucking awesome! Everyone performed well and it was good to hear Carl all the way from London! He was funny and more than a little rude! Joanne Clement was rather good too, even if she was a little hard on herself afterwards…

I’ve got the April line up sorted, and am working n May, June etc – hoping to get Pippa Little on one of those dates as not only is she an ace poet, she’s just proper lovely and one day her hubby will send one of his novels off to a publisher…ONE DAY!


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  1. Glad it all went well Morbs 🙂

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