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July 3, 2014

….though I am actually coming at the Blog with positive intent.

It may have been 3 years ago I started a short story with Victor Brauner (my favourite painter - in a rather impressionistic style. It may have been 4 years, I don’t know without checking my journals. It’s been a long time is all. I kept getting stuck for months at a time trying to get a little detail right, and the last bit – the denouement  as it were – boxed my head in royally…at the end of May I set myself the task of finishing it. Which I did. On July the 1st. I was very happy! I also decided, after a brief peruse, to carry on a short story I’d begun in 2007, but stopped due some emotional trauma. This was a rewrite of the story I’d begun two years earlier, which was itself a reworking of a novel I’d started in 2001. All had ground to halt due to unforeseen emotional trauma, all involving women. BFH. I decided the 2007 short wasn’t good enough, so I’ve decided to start it again. From scratch. And I am happy! I’ve not even written a full page yet, but I can feel all the strands that were doing my head in before surfacing – and I know what to do with them now! Love, Death, Poetry, Gnosticism, Industrial Music and Middlesbrough! So blah to blogs about hating blogs…It won’t last though….


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