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August 29, 2014

…last night for of us travelled up to Jibba Jabba in Newcastle, to promote the Dark Matter chapbooks. It was a good night, and fun was had by all. But that’s not what I want to talk about today. No. As many of you will know – true, there are only 3 people, apart from me who read this blog – that I’m interested in Local History. This means I’m constantly getting excited by seeing old signs on buildings, or that said building is part of a row that was built in three parts, all of which are slightly different. It makes me happy, even if it doesn’t keep me off the streets. Whenever I’m out I’m constantly looking around with the aim of spotting something I’ve hitherto missed. In this past week and a half I have noticed 2 signs denoting the old name of blocks I have passed regularly for years. I got very excited, let me tell you! I don’t expect people to understand, but this latest phase is surely more worrying, especially since I am not worried by it in the least. Drain coverings. Metal coverings for electricity cables. Tv cables. It all began, though began would suggest it was sudden, and it was not…when I noticed the date 1947 on one of them. I’d seen one with Middlesbeough on it, but a lot seemed to have been made in Dudley. Or so I thought. James Dudley on some of them, which meant…I don’t know! Stanton plc. There’s some made in Stockport. Glynwd. And I find myself wondering if anyone’s actually made a List of them, detailed their provenance etc. And how maybe, just maybe, I’m the man for the job?


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