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The Black Light Engine Room – Info!!!

January 30, 2015

A few people have asked about a BLERoom website recently. hahaha is my usual reply. I have neither the time nor the money to sort one, so am posting some details here…

1stly, The Black Light Engine Room magazine. This comes out 3 times a year and features artists and poets from around the globe, but always has a strong North East content, seeing as how we’re based in Middlesbrough and there are a hell of a lot of good poets round here. Its a real labour of love and a whiles away from recouping the money I’ve poured into it. Each contributor gets a free copy, and p&p is £1.20, which adds up if more than 10 of those owed copies are outside of the area. Its onto its 12th issue – March 2015 – and has featured some decent names in the past, as well as some 1st timers and a hell of a lot of poets who should be more known, but aren’t yet. Its an A4 printed thing of great beauty & as stressful as it is getting money together for the initial print-run I love holding it in my hands at the Printers…

The Black Light Engine Room night. This is a, mostly, monthly live event held in Middlesbrough. They’re fun, serious, and generally fun and serious. We have a good number of non-poets in the audience, which is nice & they’re not shy of putting their hands in their pockets when we have a magazine or chapbook for sale.

Dark Matter. These are the chapbooks, featuring 2 poets previously published in the mag, that we started last year. A6 with a bright yellow cover, their aim is to present a fuller selection of the poets…which is nice.

Below are the subscription details…

3 issues of The Black Light Engine Room mag per year.
£18 – UK
£20 – Europe
£30 – rest of the world
2 issues of Dark Matter chapbook per year
£12 – UK
£16 – Europe
£20 – rest of the world
£30 – UK
£40 – Europe
£50 – rest of the world

BLER T Junction Special Cover

and here’s the cover of the last issue…


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  1. Mandy Macdonald permalink

    How to submit?

  2. Fionnuala permalink

    How do you buy the chapbooks ?

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