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Now comes the Winter…

December 6, 2015

…with a suitably ominous tag line, what could possibly go wrong?

I’ve not blogged in ages, despite having a few things to say as regards the Press. This has been mostly down to the fact that I hate blogging about the Press as it all seems so pointless, as I know hardly anyone reads it & I always bring this awareness with me when I sit down to do it. The other reason, and the reason I’m behind in everything, was a three week bout of depression, which I won’t go into, but was fucking shite! Throw in some very wild drink cravings & you have a recipe for total shiteness! I did write a little while I was under, and I am up from the depths now, so let’s press on.

Halloween we launched the first of our Incidental Poetry series of chapbooks, which was (to quote Robert Francis, the poet we were publishing) “Pant wettnigly exciting.” Which it was. Robert did a great set & we sold a few copies on the night.

Its an a5 chapbook (£7 inc p&p) & I got the idea for the flaps after reading a Smith/Doorstop book. Getting the design right was a bit of a bugger, but the Printer (Quoin, North St, M’bro) really came through – he had to bend the flaps by hand! And this being The Black Light Engine Room Press, all the subsequent chapbooks are going to have the same blue cover, BUT – and its a BIG but – they will all feature an excellent frontispiece by Jane Burn, who, as many of you may know (well I know for a fact that all 7 of my readers know) is a brilliant artist. She’s also a brilliant poet & one of the featured poets in the Incidental series.

Which brings me to 2016. January 30th to be exact. When we release the next 3 in the series. These will be, “Tongues of Fire” by Jane Burn. “Chasing The Sunset” by Harry Gallagher & “Prodigals” by Martin Malone. 3 great, but very different poets! Then in February we’re launching the next 2, as well as no.6 of the Dark Matter series! The February poets will be Pippa Little “Our Lady of the Iguanas” & the reissue (and re-worked) “River Songs” by p.a. morbid (me). This was originally put out by Ek Zuban in 2010, so I thought I’d cash-in on my current popularity as a Rising Star of Red Squirrel Press (I’m being ironic here) & foist my earlier chapbook onto the world. March I’m resting my shoulder, which will no doubt be in traction by then!

But why the sudden rush of activity? you cry! Well, the small amount of funding we’ve had this past year runs out at the end of March, so I’m putting the chapbooks out while I still have a little cash. I’ll still be running the live event, but will be restricting our published output to the magazine til I figure things out. I’m hopeful I’ll sort some more funding out, I’m just not sure when!

I’m also slipping the 14th  issue of the mag out at the end of December, and then I can say I stuck to my rule of putting out 3 a year. Merry Xmas!

p.s. If you’re interested in buying any mags or chapbooks, then we have paypal:


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