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February 14, 2016

…Sunday, 14th Feb. 2016. It tried to snow this morning – tiny, white balls, like polystyrene. But there’s too much pavement visible for it to last, and even now its fading. This has nothing to do with what I’m posting about, but I’ve been involved in editing so much recently that I’ve almost forgot how to be a Poet!

I’d spent a good lump of the Xmas Hols involved in editing the next 3 chapbooks in our Incidental Series. Well, I’d also been editing the 2 after that & Dark Matter 6, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, eh! These were, in order of release, “Chasing the Sunset” by Harry Gallagher, “Prodigals” by Martin Malone, and “Tongues of Fire” by Jane Burn. We’d launched the 1st in the series in October, but these new ones all had a frontispiece drawn by Jane, which, along with the nice cover flaps, gave them a rather lovely look. Martin, Jane & Harry all read at the Launch, which was very well attended, and it made all the hard work worth it.

I’d also been having another crisis about being a publisher over Xmas, partly brought on by not having the last of 2015’s mag out on time, and partly because I’d just gotten over a bad couple of weeks depression. I’m feeling much better, even if the whole publishing thing is depressing as fuck hahaha. I have spent a lot of time thinking/brooding on things and have come to a decision. In 2016 I’m only going to put out 2 mags – as well as the one from last year. This is so I can concentrate on putting out more chapbooks. I’ll still be doing the mag, because it is fun & it is important. But the chapbooks bring in more money, which is something I need to look at more closely if I’m to continue. But there’s also the idea that for a lot of people chapbooks aren’t important. Its incredibly hard to get them reviewed anywhere, never mind a Name Magazine. This pisses me right off, because it reveals a level of snobbery, even in those supposed Socialists among us. So many people publish their work in chapbooks, and while a nice produced book can be a wondrous thing, mostly they’re not. Not that chapbooks are all gorgeous – I think what’s missing in a lot of publications is a sense of aesthetics – how many ugly publications have you seen? The paper’s shit, the cover’s awful & all the poems are suffer from left-bias & stuck to the top of the page in tiny tiny print.

Then I found out that my pamphlet, Gorged On Light, had been reviewed here & on top of being a nice review, it brought to my attention the website, which deals exclusively with pamphlets/chapbooks.Which has given me a little added impetus to carry on. That and I’ve got Jim Burns, who featured in a previous blog, coming to read with us on the 27th of this month. Jim Burns!!

And another reason I’m only doing two magazines, and not taking a full month off running the live events, is that I need to get on with my own work! Last year I submitted one lot of poems! This year I’ve submitted twice, and one of those times was prose, which I’ve been writing a lot more of. I intend getting more stuff out there, as well as tidying up/finishing a number of short stories I’ve been working on.

The sun’s out and the cat has finally stopped banging against my leg, or tryign to walk across the keyboard, so I shall stop now…


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