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Winding things down…a little…

November 22, 2017

2017…been a very good year for the most part. Had a really bad turn in July, which ended with me cutting back on a lot of work while my head got better. By the year’s end I will have published 14 chapbooks & one magazine.

My funding finishes at the end of May, and the plan was to publish 2 more chapbooks at the beginning of 2018, and then take it easy while I figure out where to get some more money from.  Or that was the plan til last week, when I came up with the idea of a “Co-Incidental”, which would feature 4 poets, giving each 5 pages each.

The 1st Co-Incidental will launch in March/April and feature the following poets: Martin Malone, Jane Burn, p.a. morbid & Fran Lock. As with the regular Incidental series it will retail for £5, but will not have the artwork by Jane that has made the Incidentals so brilliant. I’m hoping they’ll prove as popular despite that.

I’m still winding down as much as possible, because I have a few Local History projects that need my attention, and its been a full-on year as far as focusing on the Press has been.

I’ve also started working with my old band Killy Dog Box, link below if you’re brave. We’ve recorded a cd single and are launching it this Saturday in Middlesbrough…



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