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January 2, 2019

I tried to blog yesterday, but ended up giving into nihilism. Fuck it, I’ve had no funding since May & not sure when I’ll get some. That’s the negative out the way…

In 2018 we published 6 poetry chapbooks, which were all great – I love my poets. I gigged in London and Ireland with Harry Gallagher, and that was great too.

I read 82 books last year, of which 23 were non fiction. I’ve been trying to read more, without it interfering with my writing too much, obvs.

I’ve been working on a novel & in 2017 I only managed 46 poems. This looked to be the case with 2018, until September, when I knocked out 50 poems. Now I seem to have reached some tipping point, as I’m writing more often when I’m stuck on my novel. I’ve got a short story collection together, though I have not sent it off anywhere, cos, y’know, I never do. I’m hoping to get the first draft of the novel done this year, though I still don’t know how its going to end.

2019 we’re launching our first proper book – a joint poetry book featuring me and Harry Gallagher. I’m rather excited about this, and we’re launching it on 26th of Jan in Boro, and hoping to read around the country – if anyone’s interested in putting us on please get in touch.

Happy New Year!


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